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Feedback on TSV#4 with AISIN

2021-11-02T15:51:02+01:0018 October 2021|News, Review of events, Technology Site Visits|

Presentation of AISIN's automatic transmission remanufacturing and repair activities: feedback on the Digital TSV #4 On 30 September 2021, the company AISIN (formerly AWEurope) agreed to present its activities within the framework of the Interreg Grande Région PAE (European Automotive Pole) project. About AISIN AISIN is located in Wallonia on 2

Feedback on TSV#3 with GDTech

2021-10-19T23:31:25+02:0016 September 2021|News, Review of events, Technology Site Visits|

Visit to an engineering office working in the automotive sector by GDTech: feedback on the digital TSV #3 On Thursday, 15 July 2021, the third Technology Site Visit of the Pole Automobile Europeén took place at the Belgian-French company GDTech in Alleur, Belgium as an online webinar. With the B2B event

Feedback on TSV#2 with Preality

2021-06-29T14:16:18+02:0029 June 2021|News, Review of events, Technology Site Visits|

Digital twin, augmented and virtual reality by Preality: feedback on the digital TSV #2 On Thursday, June 24  the second digital technology site visit took at PREALITY, a service provider for 3D-WebGL, AR & VR technology located in Mainz, Germany. The event was held as a webinar with a virtual tour

PAE – Technology Site Visits

2021-06-29T14:08:28+02:0011 June 2021|News, Technology Site Visits|

As part of the PAE project, the partners organize technology site visits throughout the year. Due to the health situation, these visits are currently conducted remotely in a digital format. "Technology Site Visits - PAE TSV webinar" The "TSV webinars" are aimed at companies in the automotive industry in the Greater Region. The objective

Feedback on TSV#1 with Hahn Robotics

2021-06-23T12:31:04+02:0011 May 2021|News, Review of events, Technology Site Visits|

Newest Mobile Robot Technologies by Hahn Robotics : Feedback on PAE first virtual Technology Site Visit On Thursday 15 April 2021, the PAE project partners organised the first Technology Site Visit with Hahn Robotics, a company located in Rheinböllen (Germany), specialised in the integration and programming of industrial robots, cobots and

Adient welcomes PAE partners for their steering committee in Kaiserslautern

2021-06-23T11:24:00+02:003 December 2019|News, Review of events, Technology Site Visits|

On November 27th, 2019, the PAE project partners met in Kaiserslautern, Germany for a steering committee. This meeting was organized by Fahrzeug Initiative Rheinland-Pfalz in the premises of the company Adient, designer of car seats. In the margins of their meeting, the partners had the chance to visit this company which produces one in

PAE first OEM event: visit to Audi in Ingolstadt

2021-06-23T11:28:03+02:0017 September 2019|News, Review of events, Technology Site Visits|

First day Over thirty employees from the automotive supplier branch stepped away from their projects last Tuesday, September 3rd, and headed south to Ingolstadt to take part in the first OEM event of our PAE Interreg project. “Carbon meets automotive” was the kick-off on the evening of the 3rd with two lectures. None

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