In partnership with the PAE project partners, Liège Creative (Belgium), in collaboration with Liege University, invites you to a seminar

PAE Thematic Seminar #1
Autonomous driving and mobility as a service. Challenges for the automotive industry.

Wednesday October, 13th 2021, 17:30-20:00
BluePoint Liège – Bd Emile de Laveleye, 191 – 4020 Liège

This seminar is part of Action 6 of the PAE project: technology site visits.


  • Meeting-conference
  • Q&A session
  • Cocktail reception

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  • Pierre Duysinx, Ordinary Professor (Vehicle Engineering, ULiège)
  • Dimitra Papadimitriou, Assistant (Faculty of Applied Sciences, Vehicle Engineering, ULiège)
  • Jérôme De Cooman, Assistant-Doctorate ((big) Data and Artificial Intelligence Applications Seminar, ULiège)
  • Vincent Pécasse, Head of Marketing & Customers Solutions (Ethias)
  • Pierre Courbe, Mobility Officer (Inter-Environnement Wallonie asbl)
  • Dario Deserranno, CEO (Ush – Belgium’s first dedicated autonomous shared mobility provider)

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Additional Information

Like many other sectors, the automotive industry is facing a radical transformation. Electrification, autonomous driving, shared mobility, connectivity, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Big Data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, Digital Twins…

Technological developments but also user behaviour and the demand for sustainable mobility are bringing the automotive industry to a tipping point.

The Covid-19 crisis has only accentuated these changes by questioning in depth our relationship to mobility.

It is in this context and within the framework of the European PAE project that the white paper “FUTURE MOVE”, produced by the University of Liège, was published. It gives an overview of the way in which the automotive industry can or must evolve under the combined pressure of the various elements that position it on a path of disruption.

This conference-meeting, which will bring together a panel of speakers with varied skills, will be an opportunity, based on the findings of the “FUTURE MOVE” white paper, to share the megatrends and innovations of the automotive industry, while pointing out the technological and societal challenges facing the sector.

The focus of the evening will be on autonomous driving and mobility as a service and their multiple implications.


  • October, 13th 2021
  • 17:30-20:00
  • BluePoint Liège
    Bd Emile de Laveleye, 191
    4020 Liège
  • French
  • Organised by Liège Creative, in collaboration with Liege University


    Université de Liège

    Département d’aérospatiale et mécanique – Service des véhicules terrestres