Focus on one of the PAE project actions

Within the framework of its partnership with the PAE project, the University of Liege is in charge of the action 6 : development of a future internationalization strategy.

This is achieved through the creation of a High Patronage Committee with members from companies of the Greater Region (Wallonia, Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate, Luxembourg and the Greater East Region in France).

The University of Liege is conducting interviews with companies and institutions of the Greater Region based on questions on topics such as electrification, autonomous vehicles, digital mobility and data sharing, urbanization and the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis, sustainable aspects of mobility and innovation.

On the basis of these discussions, she will publish a White Paper for all companies in the automotive sector in the Greater Region.

The members of the High Patronage Committee will then be gathered in round tables in order to present the results of their work and to discuss the major trends in the automotive sector (depending on the evolution of the health situation).

The objective of this action is to place the companies in a positive strategy of anticipation towards the emerging trends of the automotive market.

They participate!

Several companies or institutions have already participated in the interviews conducted by the University of Liège in in relation with the PAE project partners. Among them:

Thanks to them for their enriching contribution!

The University of Liège is currently pursuing interviews with companies from all sides of the Greater Region.

Are you interested in this action? Do you wish to contribute? Contact our partners